DEXA: Total Body Composition Measurement

$350 per person, max 10 people per course.

Mobile DEXA Pty Ltd (MeasureUp)

This CEC program provides the most up-to-date information, latest research, and practical information to enhance and further the education of fitness professionals in the field of densitometry. The seminar features experts in the field of densitometry and exercise prescription who focus on clinically relevant topic areas specifically requested by fitness practitioners. The CEC program aims to broaden and reinforce learning by bringing the practice of densitometry to the PTs door, undertaking, analysing and discussing densitometry and reinforce and promote exercise prescription in the PTs practice.

Relevance to Personal Trainers

The CEC program selects several key areas of clinical practice based on feedback from PTs. We have selected the following topic areas: body composition testing, pitfalls of densitometry and interpretation.

MeasureUp Program Outline

Time Education Program Presentation Type Presenter
Welcome and Introduction Dr. Jarrod Meerkin
60 minutes L1: Basic Densitometry & the Pitfalls of Densitometry Didactic Dr. Jarrod Meerkin
30 minutes Densitometry Examinations – Total Body Composition Scans Interactive Dr. Jarrod Meerkin
60 minutes L2: Examination of Individual Scan Results and Case Studies Interactive / Case Studies Dr. Jarrod Meerkin
60 minutes L3: Total Body Composition Scans and Patient Management Didactic Dr. Jarrod Meerkin
Meeting Close Dr. Jarrod Meerkin

Lecture Series Details

1. Basic Densitometry & the Pitfalls of Densitometry
a. Basic physiology
b. Measurement techniques of fat and lean mass
c. Principals of measurement
d. Radiation in densitometry
e. Scan artefacts
f. Technical error
g. Patient pathology
h. Using different DEXA
i. External factors

2. Bone Densitometry Examinations
Practical Component
a. Fitness professionals will be led through the process of a DEXA scan. This will include a DEXA scan of the total body.

3. Examination of Individual Results and Case Studies
a. Each fitness professional will be led through the analysis of their total body scan. A series of case studies will be provided to review and comment

4. Total Body Composition Scans and Client Management
a. This lecture will deliver to the fitness professional current new clinical considerations for body composition scanning for their practice. For example, management of sarcopenia, diabetic and heart disease patients utilising muscle, fat and visceral fat measures.

Program Learning Outcomes
1. Review, update and systematically identify clients that are best suited to a DEXA scan.
2. Read and interpret total body composition scans.
3. Determine suitable outcome measures for clients with clinical indicators.
4. Review the referral process within your practice to ensure continuity of care.

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