About us

MeasureUp uses the power of science to help you improve your health

At MeasureUp we help people get to know and understand their bodies better. That knowledge is power. It’s the first step to improved fitness. To greater strength. To more energy. To planned weight loss. To improved self-image. To reduced osteoporosis risk. To a relaxed mind. To so many things.

MeasureUp uses DEXA scanning technology – fast, safe, accurate

A DEXA scanner is a special type of X-ray machine. Through your clothes and in just a few minutes, the scanner will measure exactly how much fat and muscle is in your body and tell you exactly where it is. It also checks your bone density. Armed with this knowledge, we can help you plan to meet your health and lifestyle goals.

No need to travel far – MeasureUp can come to you

As well as our Sydney HQ, MeasureUp has 11 mobile labs, each fitted with a DEXA scanner and other equipment. These labs are continually criss-crossing the country, visiting medical centres, gyms, workplaces, nursing homes – anywhere you can take a truck – giving people power through body knowledge wherever they live.

MeasureUp is a world leader in technology-enabled healthcare

MeasureUp is the brainchild of a PHD Exercise Physiologist Jarrod Meerkin – and a businessman – Sasha Levitt. DEXA was primarily used as a research tool until Jarrod and Sasha saw the potential for it to help people more directly.

Our Directors

Jarrod Meerkin DEXA

Dr Jarrod Meerkin

Dr Meerkin, an accredited Exercise Physiologist, began utilising DEXA in his Masters Research work in Wollongong in 1992 and this progressed through to his PhD work at QUT in Brisbane in 1994. Between 2000 and 2005 Dr Meerkin specialised in the use of DEXA as a tool for body composition measurement as a Senior Research Fellow at QUT in the School of Exercise and Sports Science working with two of the leading researchers in the country in the obesity and exercise research domain. Through his extensive experience using DEXA in research Dr Meerkin saw a need in the consumer world for this important tool and established Body Composition Australia in 2005 and subsequently MeasureUp.

Dr Meerkin’s focus now lies with overseeing the implementation of MeasureUp strategic goals and growth. Dr Meerkin is also an active advocate for the preventative care of bone health throughout Australia’s aging population.

Sasha Photo DEXA

Sasha Levitt

An acknowledged and experienced entrepreneur and graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr Levitt previously was the Managing Director and co-founder of the successful independent real estate agency Angus Levitt Property Agents which operated for 19 years (selling up in 2013) in the prestigious Sydney Eastern Suburbs market, the company was renowned for integrity and success. Sasha is also an accomplished property investor in his own right, with a special interest in development and finance.

Health and Fitness was always his passion which is why he transitioned into the industry and co-founded MeasureUp to enable him to help people achieve their fitness goals or stay on top of their bone health.

Our Exercise Physiologists

Jonothan Fermanis

Jonathon, is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with a strong background and experience in both athletic performance and clinical rehabilitation. In combining this experience in both sports and health, he has developed a philosophy focusing on striving for optimal performance, while maintaining an overall sustainable lifestyle.

His passions include soccer and training, along with a keen interest in research with regards to exercise in a clinical setting. Jonathon is currently undertaking in the writing of a literature review investigating the effects of Whole Body Vibration in combination with Exercise and the effect it may have on individual’s suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, one day hoping to run his own Neurological Rehabilitation Centre. Along with this, he is contributing in the writing of a second review examining the effects of eccentric training and its potential use as a therapeutic measure in joint contracture.

Jonathans passion and enthusiasm for health and well being and client focused service makes him the perfect fit to be able to help clients reach their health and wellness goals through evidenced based science and measurement.

Philipa ‘Pip’ Tockuss

Pip is an accredited Exercise Physiologist who studied a bachelor of ‘Clinical Exercise Physiology’ and has experience with elite level strength and conditioning testing, previously working with New South Wales Rugby League in their ‘Pathways Program’ for both men and women. She has also worked in coaching positions with gymnastics, seeing girls successfully competing both Nationally and Internationally over the past 7 years.

Pip has previously trained as a high-level gymnast herself and since retiring, enjoys training and finding new, fun and challenging experiences! Through her roles in elite sport, she has developed an appreciation for the human body and the amazing things it’s capable of with the right training and nutrition.

Tim Hansen

Tim is an accredited Exercise Physiologist who grew up in Tasmania and studied a Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science & a Masters in Exercise Science & Rehabilitation at Victoria University. With many of Tim’s family members being involved in the medical and health care fields which helped to inform his career choice.

Whilst finishing his studies, Tim begun working at two locations. The first at Prime Exercise Physiology in Essendon and the second at the Sports Injury Clinic in Frankston, working with a range of clientele to improve body composition, physical performance and also help rehab clients from a range of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

Tim has also worked in the UK as a Physiologist performing health assessments all over the country, conducting a range of assessments at both hospitals, wellness centres and work places.

Tim really enjoys working for Measure Up, with the perfect client being someone who is unsure how to proceed or where to start with their health journey and Tim can help show them where they are and how to get there.

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