MeasureUp has teamed with H & P Collective to introduce the DEXAplusNutrition 8 week program

For $499 our 8 week program provides you with expert guidance & knowledge from MeasureUp Exercise Physiologists and H & P Collective Dietitians. This program has been specifically designed so you can set, track and reach your health and wellness goals.

The program includes :

  • 2 x scanQUICK scans so you get pin point accuracy of your body composition at the start and end of the program

  • 1 x 45min initial assessment with a dietitian where goals are determined and initial nutritional strategies are set

  • 3 x 30min follow up sessions with a dietitian for accountability, education, action planning and goal adjustment

This program is $499 & valued at $555

Please note, as the dietitian is located in Sydney, if you book the package for our Melbourne clinic the dietitian consults will occur via video link.

Give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding and let us help you at each step of the way, join now!

H & P Collective Dietitian: Stephanie Hage

Stephanie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian, with a particular interest in helping athletes achieve peak condition and performance. She has worked with athletes from a wide variety of sporting backgrounds and has experience in managing multiple nutrition issues at once, such as improving body composition, disordered eating habits, reduced energy availability and safely cutting weight for competitions.

Outside of sports dietetics, Stephanie also enjoys tackling more clinical issues, such as PCOS, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and food intolerances. Treating these types of nutrition issues is a major key to improving quality of life and age expectancy. However, she believes that prevention is better than treating an issue after onset, and it is therefore important to instil healthy eating habits that become part of an individuals’ lifestyle, and not just a short-term plan.

Stephanie is a powerlifter herself, and understands how optimal nutrition choices can affect strength, recovery, endurance and overall wellbeing. Through experimenting with her own diet and testing out different methods of eating to improve performance outcomes, Stephanie has seen the value in using smart diet and supplementation strategies to achieve her own strength goals.

Stephanie realises that each person is an individual, and therefore takes the time to thoroughly understand every client and create a plan that suits their lifestyle and needs. Her advice is always based on scientific principles, which are then used to develop simple and practical strategies for achieving each client’s goals. Stephanie finds satisfaction in seeing other people achieve their goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and consequently preaches the principle of moderation, not deprivation.


Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Sports Dietitian
Member of Dietitians Association of Australia
Member of Sports Dietitians Australia

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