Clients testimonials

I actually won my comp – National Novice Australian Champ 2012! So thank you for all the scans in helping me track my progress this year!

Alex Fergus

Thanks so much. Your staff and setup were amazing, a heap of friends are shattered they didn’t get one now too. Thanks again!

Alison Farr
12WBT member

Just want to say thank you for allowing us to have the Measure Up van at our practice. It was a hit with all of our patients and doctors alike.

Amy Leck MA
Jimboomba Junction Family Practice and Skin Cancer Clinic

Our employees found the MeasureUp DEXA scans to be a valuable experience which helped give us better insight into our training and goals, increase motivation, and was also a good little bit of friendly competition! We will definitely be using it again as part of our company health initiatives.

Andrew Rocks
CEO Announcer Group

We recently had MeasureUp exhibit at our Charity Health and Fitness Expo. MeasureUp are professional and give great customer service. In personally using the scanning I was overwhelmed by the information given to me at the time of scan and in my personal report. I would highly recommend using MeasureUp without any hesitation

Anthony Burke
Hunter Valley Health and Fitness Expo

The staff at MeasureUp are very knowledgeable and professional in their approach. The DEXA scan provided a reality check into what is really going inside my body, from this I can maximise the results of my training and also revaluate my goals. I know our members were very grateful in getting the insight to their bodies and how their training was measuring up with their goals in relation to weight loss and/or muscle gain.

Thanks goes to MeasureUp and we look forward to seeing you again soon, down here at Balmain Fitness!

Balmain Fitness

I always like to try new things and challenge the rules a little. I spent my earlier years watching my calories, eating well, exercising and seeing great results. By my mid-twenties however I let myself get out of shape. I can blame time, stress, metabolism etc. but really I was lacking in motivation, which is what it all comes down to. Knowing how far I have gotten from where I want to be, I started searching for answers on how I might shortcut my way to a leaner physique. I was lacking patience, not wanting to spend the rest of the year being this size. It seemed that I found the answer in a trick that they call ‘water-fasting’. An alternative to conventional beliefs within the fitness and medical worlds, this prolonged period of consuming nothing (and I mean NOTHING) but water is considered by many as an alternative solution to fat loss, as well as healing ailments of many kinds. As crazy as it sounds, there is so much information about this on the internet! Of course, anybody who has done a little reading about basic nutrition knows that it is unsafe to drop calories too rapidly and will lead to a slower metabolism and the body going into ‘survival mode’, consuming hard-earned muscle to survive. Supporters of water fasting however are of the view that survival mode is quite the opposite, whereby in actual practice the body holds onto its muscle reserves and eats through its fat supplies that it had saved up for a time in need. So I began the experiment. The thought of losing several kilograms of pure fat per week was too enticing to resist. I dismissed all of my nutritional knowledge attained from years of reading fitness and nutrition books, and decided to go a month with nothing but water! I visited Measureup the day before the experiment, so that I could get an accurate reading of my body composition before and after the water-fast. I discovered when I had my scan done that I was a whopping 123.5kg at 29.8% body fat. I was ready to bring these numbers down as quickly as possible, and stuck my body scan image on the wall for motivation at home. The fast was actually not so difficult. For the first three days it was hard to not think about food, however once three days had passed, it was smooth sailing. Each day I looked at the image from my dexa scan on the wall and just imagined the layer of fat melting off my body and was so determined to make it through whole month. Today marked the end of my water fast. I have definitely lost a lot of weight this last month, and my stomach is significantly smaller than before. I have spent a lot of time convincing my colleagues and friends that water-fasting is not as harmful as they think and that my dexa scan will prove them all wrong. Today came the moment of truth. I had some fruit and some fresh juice in the morning to replenish some muscle glycogen so that my muscle would have a little more weight during the scan. When I arrived at Measureup and saw Luke, he seemed quite surprised at how I had managed to function over the last month! I have become used to people instantly giving me the talk about how you need a certain amount of food to stay healthy and maintain muscles etc., but I did not get this from Luke. It seemed that he was as interested to see the result as I was! So here are the results: Pre-fast total weight: 123.1kg Post fast total weight: 108.9kg Pre-fast body fat: 36.7kg Post-fast body fat: 33kg Pre-fast lean mass: 86.4kg Post-fast lean mass: 75.9kg And here’s what really matters to me: Pre-fast body fat percentage: 29.8% Post-fast body fat percentage: 30.3% So what did I learn from all this? The internet is full of information about anything and everything, right or wrong. The fitness industry speaks from generations of experience in trial and error, and in this case they have it right. We must be patient with the war against body fat, or else we lose mostly muscle, as I have just experienced, losing over 10kg in just one month! Do I regret it? Not at all, for I now know in my mind more firmly than ever that what I need is a conservative caloric deficit if I need to lose fat. I challenged conventional wisdom and it punished me. I now have my new dexa scan stuck up on my wall, and will use it as motivation to do things properly. Through quality exercise and diet, each time I visit Luke in the coming months (and years), I will make sure that I am going to be bringing home scans that show increased lean mass, decreased fat. Now I know what I need to do, so there are no excuses for taking any backward steps. My body fat percentage will go down!

Chris Green

Thanks to MeasureUp for coming out to CrossFit GEO and scanning our members involved in a recent Challenge we held. Everyone was really happy with the information provided in the scans and reports and it helped them immensely with their goal setting.  The team from MeasureUp were knowledgeable and more than happy to take the time to explain what everything meant.

We will use them again.

Adam Brown
Head Coach and Owner
CrossFit GEO

On behalf of (our Doctor), Practice Staff and patients we would like to express our appreciation for having the DEXA screening visit from Measure Up. Our patients are very grateful for not having to travel to Dubbo for this screening.

Practice Nurse
Peak Hill NSW

Measure Up provided a service to our community that was invaluable – many of our residents were unable to have the DEXA screening due to our geographic location. By having the van come to us we were able to identify that 55% of patients screened had Osteopenia & 18% had Osteoporosis. These were very significant results & this screening enabled treatment & preventative measures to be implemented to reduce the fracture risks for our patients. We value the contribution Measure Up provides to our healthcare provision & have asked for a regular 2 yearly visit to maintain this valuable service for our community.

Regards Debbie Patterson

Debbie Patterson

Every person should have this test. Ten minutes isn’t a lot of time to find out if you are fine. Gordon is great, no hassles. He is very good at what he does. It is very good to know how the body is going when you’re in our age group.

Edith Cameron
85, Dromana

We Canberra clients really appreciate you & your colleagues making the regular trips to Canberra – not much fun driving the mobile van all the way there & back, but you provide us with a superb & highly valued service, so thank you. I won a year’s membership of Fitness First which is a prize I shall use to the hilt, along with applying your great advice on nutrition & calorie expenditure. Thanks for everything!


This is customer service! Dr Meerkin is very professional, calm and patient. Happy to answer any of your questions and go above and beyond a scan. Detailed and comprehensive.. Actually cancelled a nutritionist appointment because of the honest advice which provided everything I needed to get on track. Great tool for measuring and tracking your health/fitness, highly recommend Dr Meerkin!!

Elle Oren

Not too lengthy, not complicated, the staff were helpful and proficient. This is a painless procedure and can make you aware if have a problem or not.

Elsa K
Caroline Springs

The MeasureUp Service is excellent! Gordon is very courteous and helpful. The scan was very quick and over in no time. Very little waiting time.

Flora B Lacey
(on MeasureUp Bone Mineral Density Scans)
Nhill, Victoria

I have used the services at MeasureUp 6 times now going into the office in the city mostly and a visit to one of the mobile units. The team is always professional and efficient. I am always greeted with a smile and appointments always run to time and there is hardly any waiting time. Any questions I have Luke answers them professionally and you can see that he and the rest of the team are passionate and love what that do.What I Like About Measure Up:

I like the fact that I can go to have my body assessed and get an immediate answer. The procedure is really effortless and quick. It gives me a true indication on where I am at, with my weight, body fat percentage and fat mass. I like the fact that I am able to attend either at the Pitt St Office or a mobile units and both offer the same level of service. I also like the fact that historical data is saved and a comparison can be made from previous scans to show progress or change in my body composition. I am a visual person and the reports are comprehensive and the graphics and breakdown are a guide to me of the results that I am achieving in each part of my body.

How does the Dexa Scan at MeasureUp help my training and mindset:

I am determined to achieve the best for my body, through the nutritional products that I take and exercise. I actually look forward to each scan and I work and train hard so that I can improve on my results. Being a client of MeasureUp is not a one off thing for me, at the end of each visit, I book in my next visit as reaching my goal is never the end it is only the beginning as maintain what has been gained is just as important.

I entered a competition back in September 2015 called the Isabody Challenge. The competition runs for 16 weeks and it is judged on the best body transformation in that period.  I used MeasureUp as a means to measure my results and a way to motivate me to work harder to achieve my goals. I knew that exercise alone would not get me the results but having a great nutritional plan is the key element of achieving what I have achieved. During this period I decided to have three DEXA Scans, at the beginning of my journey, half way to see my progress and at the end of my 16 week period to see my final results. With the progress result, I lost 4.1% Body Fat and a further 3.1% Body Fat at my final Scan. Losing a total of 7.2% Body Fat in a 16 week period has not only made me look and feel good, but I am able to think and be happy. It is my goal now to help as many people achieve their goals and it can be done. I encourage everyone who I now promote and assist people on a nutritional program and I encourage them to go to MeasureUp and have a DEXA scan so they can see their results first hand.

Frank De Masi

It is really great to see the “MeasureUp” service being extended to the Rural Areas. Thanks!!

Edenhope VIC

I just wanted to say thanks for the scan last week, it is a great insight on the composition of my body. It was a really good tool to show our athletes and they were very impressed with the scans capabilities. I’ve given all of them the measure up details so they can book it in themselves. I’ll come back in about 5-6 weeks and retest. Can’t wait.

Glenn Ryan
(Owner/Coach), Crossfit Bondi

We are very fortunate to be able to come here and have this test. As we get older it’s hard to travel. Gordon was very helpful and it only took a few minutes to have. Thank you for a wonderful service.

Gwen & Ronald
Beulah VIC

Thank you so much for this. What an amazing service. I’m so motivated and look forward to my scan in ten weeks!

Hazel Kleviansky

Thank you for coming up last week, all patients were very happy with the service as were we.


Very pleased with the service! Happy chappi to do the test. December 2013

Joyce Burns

Very impressive organisation, run by ‘the sportsman’s saviour’, Dr Jarod Meerkin.Julian, Sydney

We were very impressed with our recent experience with MeasureUp at our Practice. They were very prompt with attendance, paperwork, patient feedback and evaluations. The general feedback from the patients themselves was that they were very happy with the experience of the radiographer. He was a very caring man, who went out of his way to make the patients comfortable, helping them with an umbrella if needed, was very courteous and polite. Overall the general feedback is that we would certainly have them back again.

Julie Schubert
Albury Wodonga Family Medical Centre

Very impressive organisation, run by ‘the sportsman’s saviour’, Dr Jarod Meerkin.Julian, Sydney

We were very impressed with our recent experience with MeasureUp at our Practice. They were very prompt with attendance, paperwork, patient feedback and evaluations. The general feedback from the patients themselves was that they were very happy with the experience of the radiographer. He was a very caring man, who went out of his way to make the patients comfortable, helping them with an umbrella if needed, was very courteous and polite. Overall the general feedback is that we would certainly have them back again.

Julie Schubert
Albury Wodonga Family Medical Centre

Just wanted to say thanks for servicing my clients. They are all loving the dexa scans and it’s really been quite powerful for them to see their body compositions!

Kase Cheah
Personal Trainer, Mind Body Elite

I really wanted to express our great thanks to the wonderful, professional way Julie Young ran the clinic days, every patient commented on how wonderful she was, pleasant and made everyone feel relaxed, I hope you can pass this information onto the relevant managers, and if we are lucky enough to have Measure up come back in 2013 we want Julie back as well!!!!

Chronic Disease Nurse, Yeppoon Family Practice

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for visiting our town, also your help and support for Winton Patients. Danielle was very helpful to all patients and just a pleasure to meet.

Regards Louise

(Practice Manager) Winton Medical Practice, Winton, QLD

Hi Luke,

Thanks for an awesome consultation last Friday. Both me and my girlfriend are very happy with the level of service received. Very well done!

Cheers, Lukasz

Lukasz Barski
28, Sydney

Having the DEXA scan at the beginning was a tough place to start for me as I knew I would not be proud of the results. The final DEXA scan is really useful as it not only shows you your ultimate progress, but it breaks it down into fat loss and muscle loss so you know if you have got your diet right or not. With this information you can make your progress sustainable.

Mark Stanley
F45 Brookvale

Very happy with service and will recommend to others.

Regards, Matthew.

Matthew P.

I knew as an exercise professional that the scale was not the best measure of body composition, but having a DEXA scan and hearing my results completely put that into perspective and shifted my focus for my goals away from the number on the scale. What I got most out of my consultation with Luke, was a targeted daily calorie intake, divided into macronutrient recommendations: specific to my body composition. You can’t ignore it when it’s prescribed right from your data. He also talked through what was a realistic plan for me (eg eating less during the week, and having more wiggle room on the weekends) to increase my chances of success. Without the clear guidance and tailored approach to my nutritional goals as informed by a DEXA and consultation, I would not have achieved what I did in the six weeks. Thanks again to Luke and the team at MeasureUp, and I will continue to come back to monitor my progress and composition.

Meg Achilles

At Optus  we know healthy, balanced people make great things happen. We are committed to offering our people a range of innovative and flexible health and wellbeing programs as part of our Safety and Wellbeing Strategy.

Our people always enjoy having the DEXA van come around.  We’ve found it great a way to build some friendly competition on Campus and keep everyone motivated .  The Measure Up  team  also took the time to come out  and run an info session beforehand to promote participation and answer questions.

Manager Health & Wellbeing Optus

Hi Luke thanks for changing our life on Saturday! I have done one round lean and fit and one lean and strong and Darryl has shown no interest in joining, but after your scan he asked me on the way home yesterday about joining lean and thank you!

Cheers, Mel Collins

Mel Collins
12WBT Member

Thank you very much Jarrod, your service was excellent, I’ll be referring my friends.



If you really want to accurately know your body composition (bone, muscle and fat) and you are in the Sydney area, then this is the place to go.


A huge thanks to MeasureUp for the fact we have been 110% more successful with giving our members an accurate measurement to send them in the right direction for their goals health and fitness related! We would recommend the DEXA scan to anyone who is serious about becoming their physical best or simply creating a new healthy life for themselves. It is the little steps you take that will lead you in the right direction, you can not put a price on your health! – Thanks again!

Regards, Nick Evans Coach/Co-owner

Nick Evans
(Coach/Co-owner), Crossfit Cronulla

If it wasn’t for my MeasureUp DEXA scans I would have given up my diet and gym program because the bathroom scales & mirror would have suggested I wasn’t making progress. In fact, I was making awesome progress. I feel very strongly about getting a Dexa scan for any kind of fitness/diet regime, so you have a line in the sand to measure progress against.

Phil C

When I saw the results of that first scan the task ahead seemed really daunting. There is still a fair way to go, but now it seems achievable 🙂 I love that the Dexa scan shows me exactly what is happening inside my body. It says so much more than your usual “before and after” photos 🙂

PJ Williams
(MeasureUp ‘Scan of the Month’ Aug 2013)

Yohan and the measure up team were fantastic in getting our company  body composition scans organised and were very professional and helpful from the lead up to the actual scan. The team at GPIS cannot wait to see the change in results in 5 months on completion of their FitStar Challenge.

Rational Group

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the technician is that you have (Danielle) – she is a pleasure to work with and very professional!

Warmest Regards,

Sarina Family Practice

I attended the “Measure Up” van – Service was excellent, fast, efficient, and appointments on time. Congratulations.

Reg C
Springwood NSW

Would just like to thank the team at MeasureUp for their ongoing support and professionalism during our F45 10 week challenges. Not only do they provide the best in technology, they provide the best in service and team work. MeasureUp is the leading business of its kind in this field and we look forward to continued growth with them as our partners Thanks for the support!

Rob Deutsch
F45 Training, White City

I am very impressed by efficiency of your DEXA program and the rapid return of results. In one day 32 of our patients were scanned is a short time, we will be booking your service again.

Seymore Medical Clinic

We feel very satisfied and impressed with your Measure Up team who were courteous, thoroughly professional and very very accommodating. They even entertained our medical student. Looking forward to renewing our association next year. By the way, thanks to your involvement, Bridgeview Medical Practice has been awarded the Practice of the year for 2013 by the RACGP NSW and ACT faculty. It is indeed a great triumph and thank you for your dedication in promoting primary care alongside us.

Regards Shanthini Seelan

Shanthini Seelan
Bridgeview Medical Practice – NSW Practice of the year 2013

Dear MeasureUp,I cannot adequately voice my appreciation for your service and particularly your operator Campbell who today went further than the extra mile in enabling me to have a bone scan done today in Eidsvold.

I am morbidly obese, chronically disabled due to osteoporosis and accompanying severe pain and very limited mobility. Undaunted, Campbell treated me with respect and care and with the added help of my husband (carer) was able to carry out the scan, which was hugely important to me as I had  long wanted a follow up to a full bone scan carried out more than two years ago in Bundaberg.

So my thanks to you for bringing this facility out to Eidsvold at we assume, our wonderful Doctor Alusine Kamara’s request.  I am so very very grateful to your company.

Yours sincerely,
Susan E Kirwin

Susan E Kirwin

We were very impressed with the service and will look at doing this again. I would also like to say the girl who came out was so lovely and professional and we have had lots of positive feedback.
Kariong Medical Centre

Thank you for all your help in arranging an appointment for my mother to attend for a Bone Density Scan. I have just booked Mum in so was able to take advantage of the extension of the days of visit to Echuca. Again, thank you, your attention to our needs was greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards,
Val W. Ford

Val Ford

Service Brilliant. Young men delightful. Very very Happy.

Wilma Lucas

The screening days last week all ran very smoothly and Daniel was great!

Hawkesbury Family Practice

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