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MeasureUp aims to improve your health through the use of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) and bringing bone mineral density (BMD) together with total body composition measurements (TBC) to anywhere in Australia via purpose built mobile labs or specialised clinics.

Exercise Physiology consultations as part of our body composition scans are recognised by many private health funds so please check with your provider (bone density scans are not covered)

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If it wasn’t for my MeasureUp DEXA scans I would have given up my diet and gym program because the bathroom scales & mirror would have sugge… Read more
Phil C., Redfern
If it wasn’t for my MeasureUp DEXA scans I would have given up my diet and gym program because the bathroom scales & mirror would have suggested I wasn’t making progress. In fact, I was making awesome progress. I feel very strongly about getting a Dexa scan for any kind of fitness/diet regime, so you have a line in the sand to measure progress against.
Phil C., Redfern
I always like to try new things and challenge the rules a little. I spent my earlier years watching my calories, eating well, exercising and… Read more
Chris Green, Sydney
I always like to try new things and challenge the rules a little. I spent my earlier years watching my calories, eating well, exercising and seeing great results. By my mid-twenties however I let myself get out of shape. I can blame time, stress, metabolism etc. but really I was lacking in motivation, which is what it all comes down to. Knowing how far I have gotten from where I want to be, I started searching for answers on how I might shortcut my way to a leaner physique. I was lacking patience, not wanting to spend the rest of the year being this size. It seemed that I found the answer in a trick that they call ‘water-fasting’. An alternative to conventional beliefs within the fitness and medical worlds, this prolonged period of consuming nothing (and I mean NOTHING) but water is considered by many as an alternative solution to fat loss, as well as healing ailments of many kinds. As crazy as it sounds, there is so much information about this on the internet! Of course, anybody who has done a little reading about basic nutrition knows that it is unsafe to drop calories too rapidly and will lead to a slower metabolism and the body going into ‘survival mode’, consuming hard-earned muscle to survive. Supporters of water fasting however are of the view that survival mode is quite the opposite, whereby in actual practice the body holds onto its muscle reserves and eats through its fat supplies that it had saved up for a time in need. So I began the experiment. The thought of losing several kilograms of pure fat per week was too enticing to resist. I dismissed all of my nutritional knowledge attained from years of reading fitness and nutrition books, and decided to go a month with nothing but water! I visited Measureup the day before the experiment, so that I could get an accurate reading of my body composition before and after the water-fast. I discovered when I had my scan done that I was a whopping 123.5kg at 29.8% body fat. I was ready to bring these numbers down as quickly as possible, and stuck my body scan image on the wall for motivation at home. The fast was actually not so difficult. For the first three days it was hard to not think about food, however once three days had passed, it was smooth sailing. Each day I looked at the image from my dexa scan on the wall and just imagined the layer of fat melting off my body and was so determined to make it through whole month. Today marked the end of my water fast. I have definitely lost a lot of weight this last month, and my stomach is significantly smaller than before. I have spent a lot of time convincing my colleagues and friends that water-fasting is not as harmful as they think and that my dexa scan will prove them all wrong. Today came the moment of truth. I had some fruit and some fresh juice in the morning to replenish some muscle glycogen so that my muscle would have a little more weight during the scan. When I arrived at Measureup and saw Luke, he seemed quite surprised at how I had managed to function over the last month! I have become used to people instantly giving me the talk about how you need a certain amount of food to stay healthy and maintain muscles etc., but I did not get this from Luke. It seemed that he was as interested to see the result as I was! So here are the results: Pre-fast total weight: 123.1kg Post fast total weight: 108.9kg Pre-fast body fat: 36.7kg Post-fast body fat: 33kg Pre-fast lean mass: 86.4kg Post-fast lean mass: 75.9kg And here’s what really matters to me: Pre-fast body fat percentage: 29.8% Post-fast body fat percentage: 30.3% So what did I learn from all this? The internet is full of information about anything and everything, right or wrong. The fitness industry speaks from generations of experience in trial and error, and in this case they have it right. We must be patient with the war against body fat, or else we lose mostly muscle, as I have just experienced, losing over 10kg in just one month! Do I regret it? Not at all, for I now know in my mind more firmly than ever that what I need is a conservative caloric deficit if I need to lose fat. I challenged conventional wisdom and it punished me. I now have my new dexa scan stuck up on my wall, and will use it as motivation to do things properly. Through quality exercise and diet, each time I visit Luke in the coming months (and years), I will make sure that I am going to be bringing home scans that show increased lean mass, decreased fat. Now I know what I need to do, so there are no excuses for taking any backward steps. My body fat percentage will go down!
Chris Green, Sydney
Thank you so much for this. What an amazing service. I'm so motivated and look forward to my scan in ten weeks!
Hazel Kleviansky, Sydney

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