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Get a complete report from MeasureUp focusing on specific health markers and your body composition, helping you to stay healthier.
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We are all individuals & so is your body composition. Obtain usable data & information about your own body to help you measure and manage your health and weight loss goals. Our report contains macronutrient recommendations, ideal weight recommendations and ideal fat loss recommendations to help you achieve improved total body health.

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To all our MeasureUp clients, health and safety has always been, and will continue to be our highest priority. As such, our Bone Bus sites will immediately implement a number of precautionary measures, including:
1. We are eliminating physical contact with clients, so no handshaking, high-5’s, hugs or interpersonal contact for the time being.
2. The DEXA bed will be thoroughly wiped down with iso-alcohol wipes to reduce any risk of contamination through shared contact.
3. All our staff have hand sanitiser and this is used continually throughout the day.All these practices are in place to reduce the risk to you, our customer.


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Our state of the art mobile labs are available to visit to your gym, medical centre, work place, school, nursing home or ACF. We are the pioneers of mobile DEXA across Australia since 2009.

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