Would you like to reduce absenteeism, work cover claims and staff  turnover? To increase loyalty, productivity and team motivation?

Who wouldn’t?

The key to making all this happen is to reduce levels of obesity and increase health among employees.

That may seem a personal issue and not really an employers concern, but the fact is sedentary work contributes to obesity. And obesity costs everyone. In Australia, it’s estimated that absenteeisn due to obseity-related ill health costs business $6.4 billion a year. And of course, the potential costs for those affected go beyond money. 

We can help you manage employee health in a planned, positive way.

MeasureUp work together with your key team to introduce a Corporate Wellness Plan, custom-designed for your business. Our experience shows the most successful plans run for short 12 weeks periods and are multi-faceted, incorporating physical exercise and nutrition.

Most importantly, we establish a highly accurate baseline for each employee through MeasureUp’s DEXA scanning service, which gives precise body fat percentages and shows the location of that fat including dangerous visceral fat.

This means the employees most at risk can receive individual guidance.

Healthy and more motivated staff for the cost of a daily coffee.

Corporate wellness plans can provide an ROI of up to 1500%

Contact MeasureUp now to start your investment in better health.

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