MeasureUp is the premiere DEXA scanning facility located in the Sydney CBD. At MeasureUp we say ‘fat loss’ is important and not ‘weight loss’. Just stepping on the scales and weighing yourself does not allow you to determine if the change in body weight was actually due to changes in your fat mass and/or muscle mass.

If your goal is to lose fat, increase muscle or both, then DEXA is the only clear choice to know if your hard work is paying off with professional guidance provided by our clinical exercise physiologist.

DEXA allows you to know if you are reaching your goals by benchmarking and tracking changes in your muscle and fat mass. MeasureUp offers the latest technology in body composition measurement for individuals, personal trainers, health professionals and their clients to ensure that progress is monitored correctly, accurately and with precision.


What is DEXA?

DEXA stands for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA).

DEXA (DXA) is the most accurate commercial body composition measurement system available to the public. This is the reason why all other measurement devices compare themselves to DEXA’s accuracy and reproducibility. A DEXA scan provides you with individualised body composition information together with a measure of bone density that no other device can achieve. DEXA is the gold standard in testing body composition through out the world and is used regularly in medical research.

Each client has a completely unique body composition, nutrition and exercise profile. This is why each DEXA scan contains an Individual Scan Summary Report that is developed specifically for each patient by a qualified Exercise Physiologist. Due to the large amount of accurate worldwide data on body composition profiles, each scan also contains age and population matched data so you are able to obtain a clear picture of your body composition compared with evidence based reference norms.

From every MeasureUp total body DEXA scan you receive the following information:

  • Muscle mass in each region of your body (kg)
  • Fat mass in each region of your body (kg)
  • Body fat percentage in each region of your body
  • Estimation of visceral adipose (fat) tissue
  • Total bone density
  • Estimation of resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  • Individual scan summary report that contains macronutrient recommendations, ideal weight recommendations, ideal fat loss recommendations, to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals and improved total body health.
  • Graphs that show your body composition data compared to evidence based reference norms.
  • Access your report and results through our online results portal or mobile App so you can access your body data anytime, anywhere.

Why use DEXA?

Your total body weight is a combination of different components:

Total body weight = 

Fat mass + Fat free mass* 

*muscles, water, bones & blood

How can you tell the difference between the different components when looking at the scale?

Just stepping on the scales will not provide you with the differentiation between your fat mass and fat free mass.

If your goal is to lose weight (lose fat mass), increase muscle (lean mass) or both, then it is extremely important that you are aware if you are reaching your goals and accurately benchmark and track changes in your muscle and fat tissue. By measuring your body’s muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mineral density, MeasureUp can determine your total body fat percentage, and changes in regional body composition and show you clearly what is really going on inside your body.

Why use MeasureUp for your DEXA?

MeasureUp has pioneered the use of DEXA in the field of body composition measurement in Australia since 2006. We are the most experienced private organisation in the country in the interpretation of your DEXA scan results.  Our Sydney CBD based staff include accredited exercise physiologists and dietitians dedicated to delivering individual health assessments and customised advice.