Client of the month – July 2018

Every Month we would like to highlight a client of our that has made some outstanding changes to their body composition. This months client Emily saw a 7kg loss of fat mass (reduction of 16% b.f.), 1.4kg gain in muscle mass and a change of reduction of VAT from 95.1cm2 to 56.9cm2 in an 8 month period! We sat with Emily to ask afew questions:

1. Did you have a particular PT to guide you through this great transformation?
EC>> Yes – my PT is Kara from Retrofit – she’s been amazing in helping me stay motivated and challenging me to keep pushing myself during training.

2. What were the changes you made to your lifestyle – diet? exercise?
EC>> I started with Retrofit in October, doing two bootcamp sessions a week and the 1000 steps in Dandenong once a week. Earlier this year, as my fitness improved, I’ve also added in another PT session with Kara per week. Diet – I’ve tried to cut out sugar and limit alcohol.

3. How did you utilise DEXA scans in your program?
EC>> I was fortunate that Retrofit had scheduled in a scan shortly after I started training. Knowing that I had the follow up scan booked in, helped to keep me accountable.

4.Favourite Post work out snack.
EC>> Due to the times I train, after workouts I enjoy a full breakfast & dinner!

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