Monthly Archives: December 2018

January Recipe – Chickpea and grain nourish bowl

After indulging in the festivities of Christmas and New Years, your body is going to be craving some healthy, wholesome food after lots of heavy roasts, cheese platters, puddings and higher-than-usual intake of alcohol. This chickpea and grain nourish bowl is the perfect meat-free and veggie packed lunch or dinner option, that is still high […]

What happens to your body when you are dehydrated?

Water accounts for 50-70% of our body weight. Dehydration can occur from exercising, alcohol intake, not replenishing lost fluids, illness, medications such as diuretics or as a complication of diabetes. But what actually happens to our bodies when we become dehydrated? Research shows that we only need to be dehydrated by 1% before it starts […]

Wearable Technologies & Their Benefits

It’s no surprise that wearable fitness devices have boomed with sales of such technologies hitting just over $41.5 billion this year, with $18.5 billion accounting for smart watches alone. The rapid advancement of technologies has not only improved the performance of athletes, but has grown popular amongst those interested in their own health and fitness. […]

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