5 Key reasons you need to use DEXA in assisting your clients

Are you using DEXA to accurately measure your clients body composition and help them achieve their fitness goals?

Here are 5 Key reasons you need to use DEXA in assisting your clients.

1. Know your clients starting point
How can you determine the success of your clients training program without measuring from where they first started. The key to creating a successful relationship with your client is making sure you can clearly show them their success. They will become your greatest advertisement. Measure and manage.

2. How much should your client be eating?
DEXA not only measures muscle and fat mass but it provides you with an accurate estimate of your clients resting metabolic rate. From this, we can help you determine the most suitable total calorie intake and macronutrient split whether it be for fat loss or muscle gain which actually works because it’s tailored to their own body composition

3. Tracking client changes
Accuracy is one important component of measurement but equally important is knowing that the results are reproducible. That is what you get with DEXA. DEXA helps to control for biological variability eg: water, food, body position. As such, repeat measures of your clients can be counted on as reliable. Be at the top of your game by using the most accurate measurement tool on your clients.

4. Show your client their body comp changes visually
Motivate your clients by actually showing them their lean mass hiding under their adipose tissue. DEXA provides its own unique before and after photos. Your clients will be able to see unique images of the changes in their composition over time. Seeing discernible decreases in fat mass over time is another great motivator for your clients and for your success as a PT.

5. Stop your clients using the scale
Many personal trainers have done themselves a disservice by using scales to measure their clients success. Often clients have simultaneous decreases in fat mass and increases in lean mass. A 3kg loss in fat and a 3kg gain in muscle equals “no change” on the scales however their body composition has made some significant positive changes. By getting a DEXA scan you can not only explain the change to your client but visually show them where on their body they are losing fat and gaining muscle. Remember it’s what’s inside that counts and not some number on a scale.


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