Client of the month – November 2018

Every Month we would like to highlight a client of our that has made some outstanding changes to their body composition. This months client Andrea, has been on an incredible health and weight loss journey . Andrea had her first DEXA scan in February 2018 & in the 7 months since, she lost an amazing 15.2kg of fat mass (& maintained her muscle mass!). When comparing Andrea’s first and latest scan, she reduced her bf% from 37% to 27.4% , a relative change of 25.9%!!!! Andrea also reduced her VAT from 149cm2 to 80.6cm2! We sat with Andrea to ask a few questions:

1. Did you have a particular PT to guide you through this great transformation?

AJ>>Yes, I’ve been working with Nick Neo at Crunch Fitness CBD. Amazing trainer!!

2. What were the changes you made to your lifestyle – diet? Exercise?

AJ>>I changed everything! Went from doing no exercise at all and eating only junk food and drinking a lot! to exercising six days a week and eating (mostly) clean. I eat around 1500 calories a day, eggs, vegetables, fruit, chicken, whole grains etc. I don’t really like to cook, just do it because I have to, so it’s mostly simple foods, I’ll cook some chicken and steam broccoli for dinner and call it a day. I like to exercise in the morning, usually around 10AM which gets me ready for the day. I do 3 sessions a week with my trainer and usually around 20-30 minutes of cardio after. On the days where I don´t see my PT I´ll do classes at the gym (spinning and bungee being my favorite) or do a weights session that he has prescribed for me.

3. How did you utilise DEXA scans in your program?

AJ>>I feel like it was more motivational, the scale may not be changing that much but your body composition is still changing. When you´re feeling discouraged from not seeing your “dream” number on the scale it´s good to see that all that hard work is still making a difference on your body. It also made me more aware of the health benefits that come with changing your lifestyle, seeing that the visceral fat is going down to normal levels and that your fat percentage is decreasing each month. It also shows which areas of the body you tend to store more fat so you place a higher emphasis on targeting those areas (although we, unfortunately, can´t control where the fat goes from).

4. Do you have a motto?

AJ>>Keep on going! Don´t feel guilty for falling off the wagon every once and awhile, we still need to live our lives, but just get back to the routine after and don´t give up!!

5. Favourite post workout snack?

AJ>>I usually have lunch after workout so I don´t really snack. But lunch is usually whole wheat bread with chicken and red capsicum.

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