Client of the month – May 2018

Every Month we would like to highlight a client of our that has made some outstanding changes to their body composition. This months client Eijaaz saw a body composition change of 53% in 5 months going from 20.6% body fat to 9.76% in the space of 5 months! We sat with Eijaaz to ask afew questions:

Did you have a personal trainer that guided you?
EC>> I used Miyagi Fitness personal trainers

What did you change?
EC>> I changed my nutrition, lifestyle and approach to exercising. When i first entered, i was hoping to change my habits and become a healthier person.

Did you follow a particular diet?
EC>> Between MeasureUp and Miyagi,both provided similar calories and macronutrients to consume. So looking for a low calorie diet to help my fat loss and now recently, i have started to increase my calorie input now that I have reached my goal for maintenance.

How many times a week do you train?
EC>> 4 times a week

How do you utilise DEXA scans into your program?
EC>> Dexa scans are great to let me know the overall Fat%, Lean Mass and weight to help identify what type of calorie intake i should be having, It’s also helpful to identify any differences in between body parts, to help me work on those body parts for improvement.

Do you have a motto?
EC>> A healthy lifestyle isn’t for short term benefits, it’s for long term happiness.

Favourite Post work out snack.
EC>> Eggs, Bread and a shake (With some Peanut butter)

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